Living Life by Design

Creating and living a life by design–How difficult can that be? Truth of the matter is that it can be a daunting and difficult thing to do because being consciously aware of your decisions and choices, being responsible for those decisions/choices and your life and doing everything you can to make it happen is hard. It’s not an easy route to take.

Despite the rocky path, the rewards are numerous and only a small minority are living consciously and are 100% satisfied with their life. Are you up to the challenge?

Most people take what they can get, they let events shape their lives, and they go happily along down stream with the currents because it’s easy and a no brainer. Going upstream is more challenging, requires desire and skill/talent, and the mentality to do whatever it takes and to be different from the masses.

Nowadays everyone is jumping on the life by design and digital nomadic lifestyle and I do have to admit that they have their appeal. What I’m really interested in is that if you don’t consciously design and live the life you want, then whose life are you actually living? Are you just randomly letting events, situations, and circumstances shape your life and relinquishing total control?

Is everything what you want? Time is short and it sucks to not live the way you want to. I’m not talking about the once in awhile or occasional fun that you allow yourself to have in between drudgery and work and school or whatever else you despise in your life. The weekend seems too short and the highlights in life doesn’t come around often enough (things like birthdays, holidays, and vacations).

The occasional fun doesn’t count. Let me ask again, “Is everything in your life exactly the way you want it to be?” Barring the things you can’t control like crappy family, in-laws or health issues or your age (we haven’t discovered how to roll back time yet).

If things aren’t the way you want them to be–why not?

What are your excuses? I know I had plenty.

Excuses like:
It’s too difficult, I’m not Technical.
Iit’s too time consuming.
I don’t know if I can do it.
I don’t have enough money or talent or whatever resource it is.
There’s too much competition or it’s already been done.

Excuses are lame. I’d rather try and just do it and if I suck and failed then at least I gave it my best shot. It’s easy to be like everyone else and it’s easy to be normal and conform. Being unconventional, independent thinking, coming up with your own ideas and projects and executing it (you can’t beat the high and rush you get from that), and non-conformity and LIVING THE LIFE YOU WANT AND CHOOSE IS THE ULTIMATE REWARD.

Ask Better Questions:
I spend a lot of time asking myself questions like “What would my life look like if it was everything I wanted?”
What would I do and what would I see? Where would I go? What kind of work or projects would I be doing? Is it something I would be proud of? What is my legacy and what would I leave behind if I were gone tomorrow? What is my contribution to the world for having been here?

First step is to get clear about what you want. All areas of your life has to be in line with each other and fits and you feel that it resonates inside you. When all the pieces of your life fits together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle, then you can find balance and inner peace. You won’t have that out of sync feeling like something’s missing, something’s wrong or that you think you should be doing something else with your life.

Then make sure that what you want is in line with your beliefs and values and you feel good about it.

For example: Don’t do something just for the money if you hate it or if it makes you unhappy. Find another way.
Don’t go to school or work or be in a certain career/occupation or join the family business because your parents or spouse or someone else wants you to. What do you want?

It’s not a matter of being selfish, it’s about taking care of yourself, and being in line with your wants/needs and being happy with yourself and your life.

What’s your perfect day look like? Why not start designing the life you want starting today?