Advice and Tips from the Greatest Insurance Salesman in the World

My Experiences in Selling
The Greatest Insurance Salesman of His Day (and Almost Any Day)
By H. B. Rosen.

In 1918 H.B. Rosen was billed as the greatest insurance salesman in the world. His reputation was built on a foundation of sales that may still hold some world records. In 1917 his personal sales amounted to more than $12,000,000. (Remember what a dollar was worth way back during World War I?) In 1918, though ill and laid up from work for a month, Rosen engaged in drives for Liberty Bonds, war relief and charitable associations, and still found the energy and time to sell $4,000,000 worth of insurance in the months of January, February and March alone. The average at that time was $100,000 in a full year.

The following article by Mr. Rosen shares his secrets of success – secrets that are as relevant today as they were when he first shared them in 1918.

Several years ago, after a strenuous winter campaign, the doctors looked me over and declared that unless I went to Europe for an indefinite period of rest, they could not guarantee me any extended lease of life. [Read more…]

Learn to Be Relentless and Not Give Up

Be RELENTLESS, especially when you want to give up or quit. I had someone tell me today that Chet Holmes, one of America’s great sales coach/trainer/motivational speaker/author that it took him one year to set up and do a joint venture with Jay Abraham. But he didn’t give up and he closed it.

It took Chet Holmes twelve years to set up and do a joint venture with Tony Robbins but he didn’t give up and he closed it. Now we’re talking about a guy with the right looks, credentials, reputation, sales skills, and everything and it still took him that long to accomplish his goal. So if it was a no name, no reputation, no money type of person trying to create a joint venture deal or any kind of deal with a well known person or a big company it’s going to take some time and energy to accomplish. It doesn’t mean it won’t happen, it will just take a bit of time and effort. Keep at it! [Read more…]