This is a Story of a Lost Little Boy

I want to tell you a story about a little boy…

He was in my elementary school for several years and he was one of those quiet shy types that don’t talk. But his talents and inner beauty shone through regardless. Without words or a single utterance, as soon as his fingers flew across the keyboard of the piano he told his story through the high and low heart clenching notes and the stormy moods of his music.

It took my breath away to watch him play.

Not only that, he had other talents. He was a brilliant artist. He was absolutely marvelous with paintings, clay, pencil, wire, or whatever the medium.

He was also a brilliant Mathematician; I’m reminded of him when I watch the movie “A Beautiful Mind.”

But he was a tortured soul without anyone to understand him. He was lonely and he had no friends. He was awkward socially and didn’t belong. He never spoke up in class. I watched him and I felt bad for him. [Read more…]