How to be completely happy and feel alive

Everyone wants to be happy. They think that they will be happy when they get that promotion, the wonderful relationship, that new car, or more money but they won’t be. There will always be more things or external circumstances they need in order to feel happy. And when they get those things that moment of happiness will be fleeting. They’d have moved on to the next “desire or want” on their list and feel lack and no joy in all that they already possess.

Today I just realized something very profound and it made me so happy that I had to wake up in the middle of the night to write it. [Read more…]

Met my soulmate and I’m freaked out!

I’ve met my soulmate online and I’m freaking out. OK, I haven’t actually met him in person yet… And he’s not going to be in my city for another two months. We’ve only been talking online through webcam, mostly emails, and on the phone.

But we both have our own fears. His fear is that I won’t like him in person but I think he’s wrong. My fear is that I’m not ready to meet my soulmate yet. I feel like I’ve got so much more to accomplish and that I need to be better. I don’t think I’ve achieved what I’ve set out to do yet. I still feel that my business is somewhat of a mess and I’m working on cleaning it up.

Can I tell the Universe to send him to me a little later? [Read more…]

Turn Your Life Around

I live in a city (in Hawaii) that tourists come from all over the world to visit and it’s a beautiful place, but there are all these homeless people sitting on the sidewalks and asking for money. When I was walking home I decided that instead of just giving someone $1, I could do something better for them.

Give them advice in a letter and put the $1 in an envelope with that letter. When I pass by those homeless people I ask myself, what would I want more than anything if I were in that kind of situation? Money would be nice, but I think that there is something even more valuable than money.

It’s advice and knowledge. The knowledge to change and the knowledge to know what to do to get yourself out of trouble, out of any unwanted situation. That is MORE valuable than money. The old saying of, “Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day, but teach a man how to fish and you’d feed him for life” rings true in this instance.

What would I say in the letter? [Read more…]

Learn to Accept Good things that Come Your Way and Into Your Life

Most people hate change, whether it’s good or bad. They may ask for something positive in life but when it happens, they don’t want it because it’s uncomfortable or requires change or some stretching and growth. Promise you won’t be like that.

For example: Some people turn down promotions or advancement because it involves learning new things or handling different things/people and they might associate that with more stress. Or some people don’t want to move to a better house within a nicer neighborhood because they’ve always lived in the same house and they are used to it. Or they reject a romantic partner because that person is too good or smart for them and they think that person is out of their league.

It’s not a bad thing if they are consciously aware of the decision to reject certain opportunities or things in life even if it’s better for them, if they understand the whys behind it. There is no right or wrong answer, it’s their life. But to turn something good down because of fear or because they are afraid of it makes no sense. How could you fear something good? It’s like a level up in a game, just accept it and move up. Playing at level 1 time after time will get boring even if you’re the King or Queen of level 1. [Read more…]