Notes from The 50th Law by Robert Greene and rapper 50 cent

These are my notes from the book The 50th Law by Robert Greene and rapper 50 cents. I think they are very good insights and I hope that if I can keep focused, it will help me achieve some breakthroughs. The book was awesome and although I don’t really like rap or his music I think that his story is pretty amazing. To come from where he was and to have that kind of beginning in life and to be where he is now, it’s very inspirational.

I didn’t expect that someone in that kind of career would have such deep insights to share and that it actually required that much mental preparation to get to where he is. I had expected that to be a musician or singer, you just had to be talented and lucky. Boy, was I wrong! You really should read his story. [Read more…]

Review and Notes from How to Make Millions without a Degree by Simon Dolan

These are my notes and my review of the book How to Make Millions without a Degree by Simon Dolan. I think Simon Dolan, a rich UK businessman wrote a great book and it was inspirational to read about his experiences. I feel like all the years I wasted was what he calls the “messing around phase” in your life where you’re experimenting and learning and trying to find the things you are passionate about and to refine your goals and what it is that you really want in life. Majority of the later 2/3 of the book are filled with short descriptions about other rich people and their businesses and stories and I thought that the beginning part of the book was a lot better.

I liked Simon Dolan’s tone and the first 1/3 part of the book really spoke to me. The later parts of the book just feels like I was reading newspaper clippings about other people. I do want to thank him for writing the book because I think this book and the one by Felix Dennis is awesome and is great pick me up type of material if you’re feeling depressed on your journey. [Read more…]

How to Get Un-stuck!

What if you have so many ideas, projects, and visions for the future and you feel stuck because your current life resembles a chop suey pot of stew with no purpose or direction? (For those of you that aren’t Chinese, chop suey means something that’s a mixture of everything dumped together.)

How do you prioritize everything? The answer is to find out what’s really important to you. What do you want to make real, bring to life, and what are some of the other things you are willing to sacrifice for this to happen?

The first step to get un-stuck is to sit and think about why you feel stuck in the first place. There are many reasons such as A) You’re overwhelmed by too many things B) You feel like things are not changing, there’s no growth and you don’t believe the future you envision will happen (if that’s the case, you need to ask ‘why?’ you feel that way C) Not knowing what to do next D) Don’t have the skill or confidence to pull it off or get un-stuck. [Read more…]

Turn Your Life Around

I live in a city (in Hawaii) that tourists come from all over the world to visit and it’s a beautiful place, but there are all these homeless people sitting on the sidewalks and asking for money. When I was walking home I decided that instead of just giving someone $1, I could do something better for them.

Give them advice in a letter and put the $1 in an envelope with that letter. When I pass by those homeless people I ask myself, what would I want more than anything if I were in that kind of situation? Money would be nice, but I think that there is something even more valuable than money.

It’s advice and knowledge. The knowledge to change and the knowledge to know what to do to get yourself out of trouble, out of any unwanted situation. That is MORE valuable than money. The old saying of, “Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day, but teach a man how to fish and you’d feed him for life” rings true in this instance.

What would I say in the letter? [Read more…]

Advice and Tips from the Greatest Insurance Salesman in the World

My Experiences in Selling
The Greatest Insurance Salesman of His Day (and Almost Any Day)
By H. B. Rosen.

In 1918 H.B. Rosen was billed as the greatest insurance salesman in the world. His reputation was built on a foundation of sales that may still hold some world records. In 1917 his personal sales amounted to more than $12,000,000. (Remember what a dollar was worth way back during World War I?) In 1918, though ill and laid up from work for a month, Rosen engaged in drives for Liberty Bonds, war relief and charitable associations, and still found the energy and time to sell $4,000,000 worth of insurance in the months of January, February and March alone. The average at that time was $100,000 in a full year.

The following article by Mr. Rosen shares his secrets of success – secrets that are as relevant today as they were when he first shared them in 1918.

Several years ago, after a strenuous winter campaign, the doctors looked me over and declared that unless I went to Europe for an indefinite period of rest, they could not guarantee me any extended lease of life. [Read more…]