A Special Thanks to My Brother

I’m doing an impromptu dance in my living room as I’m reminded of how lucky I am and what amazing and special people I have in my life. The feelings of gratitude are so uplifting and good for the spirit and soul. You can’t possibly have a bad day when you are feeling grateful and blessed.

There are people who are only a phone call or email away when I get into trouble. I know that not everyone has a support network, family, or friends who rush to their aid.

I don’t only call when there is a problem; it’s that they are so busy they don’t have time for just talking or hanging out. They’re active people. I understand and respect that. Yet they’re there when I need them and they make time and I get squeezed into an open time slot. That’s very special and means a lot to me, I know they don’t have to do that.

Today my laptop crashed. It’s not that old, I’ve only had it a year or less. I don’t think it’s a virus, since my brother cleaned it for me a few weeks ago and reinstalled windows 7 and it works great. He used to charge me for stuff like this but he hasn’t the last few times and I’m appreciative that he’s so helpful. [Read more…]

Heartfelt Thank You to Adam and Mody

I’ve decided that from today forward I’ll start writing posts to document all the good things that happen to me to give thanks to the Universe to show my gratitude and for all the people who I need to thank.

This sentence is not to brag…I just want to say that it makes my whole being and self expand with joy when I think that I’m the most blessed woman on this planet. Why? Because people are kind and there are so many people that have touched my life at some point or another and have gone out of their way for me, even when they don’t have to. That’s what makes it so special and I have an incredible memory for things of that sort.

I am happy when I think about those life brightening, soul uplifting and wonderful incidences. It cheers me up when the waters are rough. [Read more…]