How to Get Un-stuck!

What if you have so many ideas, projects, and visions for the future and you feel stuck because your current life resembles a chop suey pot of stew with no purpose or direction? (For those of you that aren’t Chinese, chop suey means something that’s a mixture of everything dumped together.)

How do you prioritize everything? The answer is to find out what’s really important to you. What do you want to make real, bring to life, and what are some of the other things you are willing to sacrifice for this to happen?

The first step to get un-stuck is to sit and think about why you feel stuck in the first place. There are many reasons such as A) You’re overwhelmed by too many things B) You feel like things are not changing, there’s no growth and you don’t believe the future you envision will happen (if that’s the case, you need to ask ‘why?’ you feel that way C) Not knowing what to do next D) Don’t have the skill or confidence to pull it off or get un-stuck. [Read more…]

Learn to Accept Good things that Come Your Way and Into Your Life

Most people hate change, whether it’s good or bad. They may ask for something positive in life but when it happens, they don’t want it because it’s uncomfortable or requires change or some stretching and growth. Promise you won’t be like that.

For example: Some people turn down promotions or advancement because it involves learning new things or handling different things/people and they might associate that with more stress. Or some people don’t want to move to a better house within a nicer neighborhood because they’ve always lived in the same house and they are used to it. Or they reject a romantic partner because that person is too good or smart for them and they think that person is out of their league.

It’s not a bad thing if they are consciously aware of the decision to reject certain opportunities or things in life even if it’s better for them, if they understand the whys behind it. There is no right or wrong answer, it’s their life. But to turn something good down because of fear or because they are afraid of it makes no sense. How could you fear something good? It’s like a level up in a game, just accept it and move up. Playing at level 1 time after time will get boring even if you’re the King or Queen of level 1. [Read more…]

Unfortunate Events Might Lead to Breakthrough

When people say that things happen for a reason, there is some truth to that. Unfortunate events that might have some cringing and unhappy might lead to a wonderful breathrough of new ideas or a bursting out of one’s comfort zone. Sometimes it takes that extra jolt to snap us out of our usual course and to pay attention to where we’re going and to actually take that correct turn.

Use setbacks as a stepping stone to:
1. Brainstorm new ideas
2. Find out why it’s not working
3. Discover what the good is in this situation and what you can learn from it
4. Be thankful regardless of not knowing why and what the reason or purpose of something horrible that happened. Maybe it had to happen in order for it to trigger another event or for something else to come into your life.
5. Realize it’s not really that bad. Take a step back and take a deep breath. When it’s dark and bleak, step back and observe the entire situation objectively and try to see the good. It could be worse, be thankful it’s not.
6. If everything falls apart, what’s left? What can you salvage from it? [Read more…]

Chad Mureta’s App Empire Book Review

This is my review of Chad Mureta’s App Empire book.

For those of you who don’t know who Chad Mureta is, he’s a tech entrepreneur and creator of apps for iphones. His personal story is very inspiring. After being in a car accident and being 100k in debt he decided to turn his life around by creating a business that he can literally run from his phone anywhere in the world and a business that’s not taking over his life and time. Having time freedom and having the money to enjoy it is really what it’s all about. I also like the fact that Chad isn’t a programmer and he tells people how to do what he’s doing too by outsourcing all the tech stuff.

The book went into more details about the nuts and bolts of the App business but I think his interview and all the tips he gave out on Tim Ferriss’s 4 hour work week website was more than enough for someone to get started in this business. The key isn’t knowing how to do it…it’s finding and discovering what App the market wants. [Read more…]