Bucket List

This is my bucket list. If I can accomplish everything on this list then my life would have been worthwhile and I’ll be adding to the list as time goes on and crossing off the things I’ve done. I can’t wait!

I want money not so that I can live in a mansion or drive fancy cars, that would be boring after awhile. Instead, I’d rather have the experience of living in a really posh place for a few days, or a month and maybe drive a really expensive car for a day or a few days. That’s it. After I have the experience, it doesn’t really matter.

And having passive income = freedom, it’s not about the money itself.

PASSIVE income of 5k month, 10k month, 25k month
Publish and sell a nonfiction self-help book
Publish and sell romance novels
Sell T-shirts online
Own land/real estate
Own a tech/online business or direct mail business that can be put on auto-pilot

Learn to sail or crew on a sailboat for a several day to one week trip
Canoe down a decent sized lake
Fish in exotic locations (maybe salmon fishing in Alaska)
Learn conversational Turkish
Live in a bungalow in the jungle or treehouse (at least for a week or a few weeks)
Ride a camel, Ilama, elephant, horse, donkey, etc.
White water rafting
Kayak down a river
Paragliding in Greece
Parasailing in Greece
Dive and rock climb in Thailand
Hot air balloon in Turkey
Skiing in Colorado
See the Kangeroos in Australia
Learn to ride a moped
Learn black and white photography (I want to take pictures of hot naked men in bondage.)
Snow shoeing and sledding in Vermont
Visit a yoga retreat (for a few days at least)
Pick apples or fruit in a large organic farm orchard (for a day or two)
Help, volunteer or participate in an archaeological dig
Take a ceramics or pottery class
Be an MC or speaker at an event
Do an open mic standup comedy routine
Indoor rock climbing
Electric go cart racing
Paint an abstract painting
Go on a african safari and take pictures of lions
Participate in an african dance with a painted mask
Learn to hand drum and play in an event
Miniature golf with friends
Ziplining between two mountains
Go to Shibari-con (weekend convention in Chicago)
Go to Burning Man in Nevada
Grow my own vegetable garden when I have my own place (or stay in one place)
Walk across Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver (450 ft across/230 ft above Capilano River)
See the red rocks and hike in Sedona, Arizona
Learn to Salsa and Tango, preferably in Argentina
See Machu Picchu in Peru and stay in Cusco, and see the Nazca lines
Toss a guy 2x my size to the ground (with Aikido or some other martial arts)
Bribe a chef to teach me to cook a 5 course meal
Kite surf for half a day
Hike 3 days to the largest waterfall on Kauai
Visit the Hindu temple in Kauai
Volunteer to teach or help in an orphanage in a 3rd world country
Visit all 7 wonders of the world
Ride a jetski
Swim with dolphins
Ride on the backseat of a motorcycle around the entire island
See the Stonehenge in England
See the major US National Parks and Mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Zion
Go to Mardi Gras in New Orlean, Louisiana
Play in a poker tournament in Las Vegas
Hike up a tall mountain to visit a temple in Tibet
Live in a monolithic dome or earthship home for at least a night or two
Spend the night on a yacht
See the pyramids in Egypt
Go see hidden city of Petra in Jordan
Backpack around in Southeast Asia and South America (1-2 months in each country)
Ride an ATV through a muddy trail or across a sand dune
Visit the chimney or stone houses and underground city in Cappadocia
See the Catacombs of Paris and kiss someone in front of the Eiffel Tower
Go down the French Riviera
Stay in Cyprus for a week
Take pictures of a male model on the beach for a day
Go to a nude beach
Go see Angkor Wat in Cambodia
Ride the NY NY roller coaster
Go visit all 50 US states (HI, NV, CA, MI, TX, NJ, NY, UT, WY, IL, IN, NE, IA, OH, PA)
Stay or volunteer in a wineyard for at least a week
Go wwoofing on an organic farm for at least two weeks
Learn to make goat cheese
Stay in a Monastery in England
Go visit a castle in Romania
Participate in a parade
Dress up as a clown to entertain sick kids at the hospital for a day
Romantic rooftop dinner for two on a skyscraper over looking the city
Weekend getaways and breakfast in bed
Crashing a party or wedding reception
Going to a Zombie fest
Going to an indepedent film festival
Learn to play a wooden flute
Design my own corset and lingerie
Have someone write, sing, and dedicate a song to me
Get a tattoo (Going to get at least 1 tattoo after I figure out the design/location)
Eat fresh lobster in Maine (& fresh oysters in an oyster farm)
Have real maple syrup right after the harvest with fresh snow
Skydive and bumgee jump (Maybe when I am older since I don’t like heights)
Stay in a victorian house for a night in Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Spend a few nights in a log cabin with a fire place on a bear rug
Camp and see the Northern lights
Spend the night outside watching a meteorite shower on a blanket w/ cute guy
Cross several European country by train or rail
Go down the Mekong river by boat
Spend a month in Norway
Spend at least a month in New Zealand
Helicopter ride over the Amazon rain forest
Dance in the rain in Italy and make a wish in the Trevi Fountain in Rome