How to be completely happy and feel alive

Everyone wants to be happy. They think that they will be happy when they get that promotion, the wonderful relationship, that new car, or more money but they won’t be. There will always be more things or external circumstances they need in order to feel happy. And when they get those things that moment of happiness will be fleeting. They’d have moved on to the next “desire or want” on their list and feel lack and no joy in all that they already possess.

Today I just realized something very profound and it made me so happy that I had to wake up in the middle of the night to write it. I believe that I may have found my soulmate but we had some problems. Yes, I couldn’t believe that a soulmate would ever come with his own set of problems either. I thought it would automatically be great and smooth sailing. But he’s just as human as I am. With flaws and imperfection and inadvertently hurting me because of those flaws, whether he intended to or not.

The profound insight that I came across was that even though finding my other half in life is number one on my list of things I want the most, I could walk away. If he takes me for granted, is hurtful, or if anything isn’t up to my standards, I could still walk away from someone who I believe to be my soulmate and from a relationship that I’ve waited my entire life for. And knowing that I want him but I don’t need him is so profound and empowering. I don’t have that needy/clingy feeling anymore.

In fact, if we do end up together it will be that much better and healthier for our relationship. I’m not waiting for him to complete me or be everything that I need. I’m willing to put in the effort to work on myself and to be happy with myself. Having him and being with him will just add to my life. But if he ever feels the need for space or to walk away, then I will still be fully functional and healthy.

I feel really powerful and free. And happy! My number one desire is not keeping me stuck or chained or make me dependent on the outcome or feel attached. I’m much happier than when I thought I needed a soulmate.

All of us are complete human beings and can be happy right now, in this very moment regardless of our circumstances and no matter how much or how little we have. Being happy is a choice and it’s a state of mind. It’s not external, rather it’s something internal and inside of us. It’s like finding a light switch and once you find it, then boom the whole place is lit and your heart and soul is flooded with light. You’re beautiful and your entire being is glowing, that’s when you realize you just reached a new level of understanding. It’s amazing!!! Congratulations on making it to that next level!

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