Notes from The 50th Law by Robert Greene and rapper 50 cent

These are my notes from the book The 50th Law by Robert Greene and rapper 50 cents. I think they are very good insights and I hope that if I can keep focused, it will help me achieve some breakthroughs. The book was awesome and although I don’t really like rap or his music I think that his story is pretty amazing. To come from where he was and to have that kind of beginning in life and to be where he is now, it’s very inspirational.

I didn’t expect that someone in that kind of career would have such deep insights to share and that it actually required that much mental preparation to get to where he is. I had expected that to be a musician or singer, you just had to be talented and lucky. Boy, was I wrong! You really should read his story.

Intense realism – Learning to observe the world in order to play it effectively
Self-Reliance – The importance of ownership + true freedom
Opportunism – Making the best of every situation, especially the bad ones.
Keep Moving – Remaining strong and focused amidst society’s chaos.
Aggression – Developing self-assurance and asserting your power.
Authority – What true leadership is.
Connection – Sell what people want.
Mastery – The importance of enduring boredom instead of chasing distractions.
Self-Belief – What you believe will become your reality.
The Sublime – Becoming driven by accepting your own mortality.

Every maneuver you do in life is to have ownership. Those who rise above adversity is because of their strength of will and their hunger for power.

Boldness + Urgency + Unconventional Approach
Money + Freedom + Power should be important to you.

Ratching up of self-belief + energy when facing negative or even impossible circumstances. “Your opinion of yourself becomes your reality. If you have all these doubts, then no one will believe in you and everything will go wrong. If you think the opposite, then the opposite will happen. It’s that simple.” –50 cent

Will power + Find Inner Strength = Walk away from any situation or person that compromises my values. Always be willing to walk away.

“When I nearly died it made me think, this can happen again any second. I better hurry and do what I want. I started to live like I never lived before. When the fear of death is gone, then nothing can bother you and nobody can stop you.” –50 cent

How to reach an audience
1. Communicate more effectively
2. Influence their actions

“Most people can’t handle boredom. That means they can’t stay on one thing until they get good at it. And they wonder why they’re unhappy.” –50 cent

Master a process = Patience, focus, and ability to endure drudge work. Progress through trial and error. Master something simple and persistence.

You are on your own. Learn to make your own decisions. Trust your judgment. Depend only on your wits.

1. Mental flow.
2. Emotional flow.
3. Social flow.
4. Cultural flow.

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