Entrepreneurship and Real Life Alchemy

One of the most awesome, useful, and greatest skills in life is to learn how to create something out of nothing. Sure it’s great when you have a lot of advantages and everything you could possibly want and need but the greatest thrill comes from having nothing and building something great from zero.

Ingenuity, imagination, and creativity rocks! Those are the things they don’t teach you in school and that you have to develop on your own.

If you can create real life alchemy and turn whatever situation or circumstances you’re in into a remarkable story of “creation” anywhere, at any time then you are a true King or Queen and I applaud you. You’d be absolutely fearless with that kind of power. You can go to any country, any part of the world and create from nothing.

1. Can you turn a zero bank account into one overflowing with digital digits of numbers and cents?
2. Can you take a blank tshirt and turn it into one that people love and rave about and are a hot commodity?
3. Can you take blank pages and turn that into a best-selling book?
4. Can you take unwanted items or recycled goods and turn that into beautiful art that is unique and people pay a premium for?
5. Can you invent something spectacular?
6. Can you see all the wasted things and opportunities and make better use of it?
7. Can you see a project through to completion without money, talent, or limited resources?
8. Can you promote or market something with no advertising budget and no name recognition and no followers or email lists?
9. Can you gain publicity and media attention when you are a commoner, or pleasant and totally average in skills and looks and have no money or special talents?
10. Can you sell an idea or a vision and have it totally booked and sold out sight unseen?

This is real life alchemy and it’s not magic but pretty darn close. If you can take an idea, or come up with a vision or a project and start it and work on it until it becomes reality, you’ll know the amazement and the feeling of accomplishment that follows. It’s indescribable. You either know what I’m talking about or you don’t.

To produce, to create, to manufacture and then deliver this to the world feels awesome.

It is way better to be a change agent then to be another clog in the wheels.


  1. Awesome post, where is the rss? I cant find it!

    • I always appreciated your stuff the most when you either completely let your imagination get away with you, or when you were being reflective. Blame Abraham, Better Odds than a Bullet, Inventing the Chicken, The Han Solo Theory, Martin Luther King, A Change of Orbit, Truth (zombies made you late for your podcast) and Vampire in my Attic. These are the ones I’ve kept because I like to listen to them over and over.As for bold thoughts? How about you let your listeners send you ideas and you pick one to do a short piece on? Not at random, mind you, and not necessarily (actually preferably not see above) how they expected it to be done, mind you. Like how about something involving the fact that in Arizona, USA, it is illegal to hunt camels. I bet you could do 5 minutes on that. I’m very appreciative that you are bringing The Seanachai back! Thank you!

      • LOL I’ll try. This blog really isn’t about bold thoughts, although that is always nice. It’s more about being bold and stepping out of your comfort zone, especially for people that don’t like to take risks or to make new changes in their lives. And not sure I want to be writing about camels either. Thanks though.

  2. I agree with several of the points that Dan made. I wholeheartedly encourage you to take us down your rat-holes of thought and let us gawk at the strange furry creatures we find there, maybe setting up a riding camp and letting people ride some of them for a while if there’s enough interest. In summary, write more about random ideas and flesh something out if you can find it in you enough. The certain zen act of writing about writing should be done with care. Tips and workarounds to problems you have are always welcome and commentary on the task of structuring thought into a cohesive story is of particular value.

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